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Bearing characteristics - high temperature and high speed

Release date:2022-5-21

Any style of bearing products requires the use of high-temperature viscosity of lubricating synthetic products, and add a variety of additives bearing retainer to ensure the normal operation of a long-term high-temperature environment in the process. As a major part of industrial machinery, bearing the normal use of the product to meet the different environments, in the case of high temperature and high speed bearings able to provide a good operating environment.

The first category: the performance characteristics of the bearing

It can provide different range of applications for industrial machinery based on different bearing products, bearing products organizational structure and smooth delicate fibers. At the same time any bearing products with high cleanliness in the bearings during operation can be suppressed presence of various noise, to meet DN value in 10-600000 bearing long-term demand for more high-speed run. For high-quality bearing products must have high temperature performance and good lubricity and colloidal stability and mechanical safety-related data in line with state regulations.

The second category: Bearings have the characteristics required

First bearing product needs with superior water resistance, can withstand any water rinse. At the same time the ability to antioxidant capacity and anti-friction bearing material according to the different needs of bearing products to maintain good hardness at a wide temperature range. Therefore, in a high temperature environment it is recommended to use precision bearings, miniature bearings, motor bearings and other products.

For the analysis of the product bearing the above features and performance characteristics that we fully understand the high-speed and high temperature as the main characteristics of the bearing, high-quality lubricants to meet the needs of these characteristic conditions. Various types of high-speed and high temperature environment of bearing products can be used effectively to help the bearing lubricant moisture function in a stable operation.