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Anti-friction bearings with SKF lubrication advantages

Release date:2022-4-25

Anti-friction bearings SKF widely used, there are many different types of bearings according to a particular purpose. However, there are two main types of SKF bearings: SKF roller bearings and SKF ball bearings, other types are evolved from the basic structure made of.

SKF bearings are widely used reason is because there it has good lubricating properties, today we analyze it in this particular advantage.

SKF bearing anti-friction lubricant has the following main features: sliding contacts lubricated with SKF bearing retainer between the other parts; any of the contacts between the lubrication race and not really rolling roll member; lubricating roller and roller SKF bearings in sliding contact between the guide member; lubricating SKF bearing all true rolling contacts.

SKF bearing anti-friction lubricants have the following secondary functions: protect the highly delicate surfaces from corrosion; assist in the closure cap against foreign substances (grease has this feature); providing a thermal (cold) means.